Roses – How Much Sun is Enough?

Roses need an open sunny position to grow best. A minimum of 5-6 hours a day of full sun is required for their optimum growth. Roses produce a prolific amount of flowers which take a great deal of energy from the rose plant. In order to keep replenishing this energy the rose needs Read more »

Planting Roses – what do you add to improve soil?

Soil preparation is important if you want healthy robust rose plants that bloom prolifically.
There are two ways to go about improving your soil for planting roses and they depend on the amount of time you’ve got before you plant them.

If you are planting roses right away.

If you are planting your rose bush right away, the only thing you want to add to the soil at planting time is Read more »

Before Planting Roses – best to check pH and Drainage

Before planting roses, it’s a good idea to check the pH and drainage of the area you are going to plant in. If you want healthy robust rose plants that bloom prolifically you’ll want to make sure these two areas are part of your pre-planting preparation. A sickly rose plant is a beacon to pests and disease. They just seem to know when a plant is doing poorly and zoom straight in for the kill! What goes on above soil level is a reflection of what’s going on beneath soil level, so it’s the smart rose gardener that takes the time to check the soil pH and drainage Read more »