Black Spot on Roses

black spot on roses

black spot on roses

With all the wet weather Sydney has been experiencing lately, it has provided perfect humid conditions for the development of black spot on roses. I recently got this question from a reader and thought I would answer it here.

Q: have found black spot on my roses and have cut all the bad leaves off, now some one told me that soapy water will help this and affes can you please tell me pretty new at the game but love my roses. Read more »

Rose Care – Black Spot on the Roses

This week in the rose garden I discovered some black spot on the leaves of a couple of the rose plants. Part of rose care is managing rose diseases as soon as they appear on the plant. We’ve just had 3 days of rain here so there’s a lot of humidity in the air. The perfect condition for black spot to make its appearance. Black spot is the scourge of rose gardeners who grow roses in humid coastal climates like Sydney. Read more »