Rose Care – Black Spot on the Roses

This week in the rose garden I discovered some black spot on the leaves of a couple of the rose plants. Part of rose care is managing rose diseases as soon as they appear on the plant. We’ve just had 3 days of rain here so there’s a lot of humidity in the air. The perfect condition for black spot to make its appearance. Black spot is the scourge of rose gardeners who grow roses in humid coastal climates like Sydney. Read more »

Aphid Control

aphids on roses

There were lots of aphids on the rose tips and buds this week in the rose garden. The soft, sappy new spring growth on the roses brings them out in droves. 

Aphids on roses can cause Read more »

Rose Plant Myth

bridal pink floribunda

Roses are probably one of the most widely grown plants in the home garden – whether planted in a bed of their own or planted in amongst other shrubs. They are also one of the best loved flowers throughout the world – they are certainly my favourite – their beauty, form and fragrance is hard to beat.

There is a myth going around that roses Read more »