Roses and Liquid Seaweed

A visitor to my site, Kristi, wrote the following comment and I thought I would write a new article about the benefits of seaweed in the garden. Kristi writes: I am a newbie so I am finding much help from this site. Could you please elaborate on the seaweed spray? Thanks. Well Kristi here is my response to your query.

What Liquid Seaweed Does For Your Soil and Plants

Seaweed is rich in potassium, minerals, trace elements and naturally occurring growth stimulants. It is one of the best things you can use in your garden and I use it on everything; roses, fruit and vegetables, annual and perennial flowers; they all benefit greatly from the addition of liquid seaweed as part of their regular care.

You can use diluted liquid seaweed in a watering can and water it into the soil at the base of your plants; or hold the watering can over the whole plant so it waters the leaves as well as the soil or just use it as a foliar spray on the leaves.

Liquid seaweed helps promote flowering, fruiting and robust health on every plant it’s used on. It stimulates root growth, and stronger root growth means better water and nutrient uptake to the plant from the soil. It also stimulates the production of more beneficial soil micro-organisms.

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